Joe Cook - I started running at the age of 25 after my aunt asked me to run a half marathon with her.  Having never run before, except those mandatory runs in gym class, and having asthma, I was intrigued, but extremely nervous.  I began running in my store bought shoes, but quickly discovered the agony of shin splints.  After visiting a running store, they informed me that I over pronated and my shoes weren't helping me.  They fitted me into a pair of Asics which helped stabilize my stride.  I trained for 4 months getting ready for my first half marathon.  Ran the OKC Half Marathon in 1:58:26.  I was hooked...and sore.  Hello IT Bands!  I just assumed this was part of it.  Ran 7 more half marathons over the next several years.  Same results, IT Band swelling = painful recovery.  I loved running, but this was getting old.  I wore enough KT Tape on my legs, I looked like a robot. Not to mention the chiropractor adjustments on my back and neck.  At a race expo, fate stepped in and I was introduced to Newton Running.  These guys changed my running life.  They looked at my stride and saw that I was heel striking on every stride.  They put me in a pair of Sir Issac's.  These shoes trained me to run more on the front part of my foot, landing more center, thus reducing impact on my body.  I noticed a difference almost immediately.  Next 2 Half Marathons were my best ever.  No IT Band issues, no back issues, no shin splints!  I  was convinced.  Proper gear makes all of the difference. Now I am training for full marathons and loving every mile of it. 

​by George Sheehan is "The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more 
and more life."

Established in 2014, Abilene Running Co. was created to fulfill the needs of Big Country Runners.   Why buy a pair of shoes off the shelf at a big box retailer or a website from someone you have never met?  If you want running to be enjoyable, having the proper gear makes all of the difference.  As a runner myself, I understand why this is important.  As a penny pincher, I understand the importance of value and want the best deal possible.  I am not a fan of spending my hard earned money on a product that doesn't work.  This is why Abilene Running Co. only carries products from companies that were created by runners, for runners, and that I would  use when I run.  

Who am I?

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